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Offering Education Support to Needy Children.





Offering Vocational Training Programs to Community.

Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable Children.





Uruma Children Foundation supports livelihood programs and projects in Uganda. Our services are based in Orphans and vulnerable children, Education, Vocational programs and Music. Sponsor a child today, donate towards our programs or buy us any item that you can afford to smoothen the program. Visit our contact page to inquire on how you ca partner with us today. Read through  our programs below ; We look forward to working with you.



orphans and vulnerable children

Uruma Children Foundation offers counseling services to the OVC's. We encourage children to cope with life through training them social-economic activities such as Art and Craft, Modeling, Languages etc.

We offer extra curricula activities in performing arts such as music, dance and drama with all the music instruments. This is to nature and better their talents.

We ope a ray of hope by supporting the needy with some food stuffs and clothing.

WAY FORWARD: Sponsor a child's education Program




Uruma Children Foundation is targeting the youth, women and girl child for this program. Many people in the age bracket of 14-25 have dropped out of school due to either lack of tuition fees from the parents or early pregnancies for the case of girls. in order to give them self sustainable programs like tailoring, computer studies, secretarial studies, languages, media and many more; we need your support on this.

WAY FORWARD: We look forward to a partnership with you today. We want tot sponsor a child/Youth or girl child back into school. we are also aiming at constructing a Vocational School with your support.




Uruma Children Foundation struggles really hard to keep children in school off the city suburbs, most parents can't afford school fees and some children are simply orphans. Most of these children may not even be able to afford school requirements. Withe your kind support we may keep the children in school and off the streets.

WAY FORWARD: Sponsor a child's education Program and school requirements. Make a donation today or download our proposal and make one great choice. We encourage you to adopt a child as a penpal and support that specific child through school.



performing arts

Uruma Children Foundation trains music dance and drama together with all music instruments. We aim at naturing a child's talent to give them a ray of hope in their future. We get them access to a guitar and piano lessons. The instruments we need include, the guitar, piano, drums, violin, etc. We also encourage our sponsors to visit often and led a hand in training these instruments in case you can play any.

WAY FORWARD: We call upon you to purchase for us music instruments that you can afford to meet the demand for the kids to uplift their musical talent at the tender age.



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