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Offering Education Support to Needy Children.





Offering Vocational Training Programs to Community.

Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable Children.





Uruma is a Swahili word which means compassion or mercy .

Uruma Children Foundation is a charity organization which helps orphans and other vulnerable children to live sustainable and fulfilling lives. We do this by providing various training programs in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Uruma Children Foundation addresses the problems of orphans and vulnerable children in and around city slams like Kibuye, Nabulagala, Jinja, Mbarara and more places to reach soon.

We intend to put up an orphanage center which will help to provide shelter and a home environment for to the vulnerable children. We plan to start with over 50 children ad expand as funds come in from sponsors. The children shall get first hand training in all vocational skills to enable them meet their dreams and accomplish them; skills such as Art/painting, music dance and drama, information technology, fashion, metal fabrication, tailoring and various language studies. In addition, Uruma aims at promoting economic development and support the youth in this way, it will expand its reach towards helping other orphans and vulnerable children in various places.


Traditionally, the death of a child's parents/ guardian caused by disease outbreaks, political instabilities, civil wars and other related calamities or disasters, would result in that child being absorbed into broad network of extended families.

In recent years, these family structures have been overwhelmed with children requiring care which has resulted into families and individuals taking far more children than they can materially support. This problem has become severe that Ugandan communities and man more all over Africa face an increase in the number of orphans who are now begging on the streets, adhesive bonding glue fumes and petty crimes.

Few of these children both rural and urban contexts have access to a basic parental guidance, basic education and healthcare. They are more vulnerable to exploitation and many young children are raising fellows. These young children are growing without proper upbringing basics and the invaluable culture capital with which to participate constructively in Ugandan/African societies.


our vision

Helping orphans and other vulnerable persons by involving them in the process of sustainable development across the world through Education.


  1. Supporting vulnerable children/widows
  2. Promoting youth to achieve their ambitions
  3. Promoting economic development
  4. Promoting African cultures to the rest of the world.
  5. Promoting the gospel of peace and love allover the world.
  6. To open several orphanage homes allover Africa.

our activities

  • Counseling for vulnerable people
  • Training children how to cope with co-curricular activities
  • Training in life skills, such as Art and Craft, modeling, Language, Music Dance & Drama etc.
  • Visiting and supporting the need in the surrounding communities

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